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Laira Green Primary School

Crest Science Awards

Welcome to the Crest Awards!  


We are inviting all our children to take part in the exciting Crest Awards.  The awards are given to all children who complete a set of fun science based activities at home using things that you would normally find around your house. 


Please watch our promotional video to explain in more detail what it’s all about.


Here are the booklets. 

star home learning 1 .pdf

superstar home learning 1 .pdf

There are two levels:  Star Award for children aged 5-7 and Super Star for children aged 7-11.  


All you need to do is to have a go at your choice of up to eight challenges.  Once you have completed a challenge, send a photo of it to your class teacher through Class Dojo.  We will keep a record of them all. Every child who completes at least one challenge will receive a certificate from school to congratulate you for taking part. If you manage to complete eight challenges (or more!), we will nominate you to receive a Crest Award consisting of a certificate and iron-on badge.  


You have until the Monday after British Science Week - that’s Monday 12th March.  We hope you really enjoy getting stuck in and that you have a lot of fun!