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Apple Class - Year 3/4

Year 2019-2020

Welcome to Years 3 and 4 in Apple class. We are taught by Miss Moffat, with support from our very dedicated class TA, Mrs McGahan. If you would like to talk to us we are friendly and approachable, and one of us will be on the playground every Monday and alternate Tuesday/Friday mornings, as well as every afternoon.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead, with lots of exciting learning opportunities!

The Start and End of the Day:

8.25am - Breakfast is available, free of charge, from the lower hall daily.

8.30am - There will be a teacher on duty in the playground from 8.30am.

8.40am - The bell rings and children make their way into class.

Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time.

3.00pm - School lessons finish and children will be dismissed from the classroom.


This year's plans


What we are doing THIS YEAR




Year 2018-2019

Welcome to Apple class! Your class teacher is Miss Moffat. We are supported by our teaching assistant, Mrs Dulling.

Keep an eye on the news section and this page for updates on what we are doing in school and for other useful information.

To view a copy of our 2018/19 overview, click here. Scroll down to see parent leaflets and spelling lists for each term.

Summer 2019

To view a copy of the parent leaflet for the summer term click here.

For a copy of the spellings for Summer 1 click here.

For a copy of the spellings for Summer 2 click here.


Summer Term 

Celebrating Writing!

Please read these beautiful pieces of writing from Apple class this term.

This is one of our poems, taking inspiration from 'The Sea' by James Reeves. 


The sea is a fierce tiger,

Golden in the sunset and fierce.

He swaggers on the beach all day,

With his deafening roar and retracting claws.

Days that turn to night he pounces on his prey.

The seashells ruffle as he plays,

And ‘Stones, stones, stones, stones!’

The gold sea tiger growls,

Washing his paws.


And when the night wind moans,

The moon rocks in the stormiest cloud.

He jumps to his feet in immense hunger,

And hunts down his prey.


This piece was chosen to be published in Mayflower: Beyond the Horizon. 

Beyond the Horizon

It was a hot, sunny day. The emerald sea was shimmering against the glittering sun. As I went on the ship, I heard all the men saying that I didn’t deserve to be on the ship because I am a woman. I knew I did though. Then we were off to the serene seas. I heard birds calling, I smelled salt, I tasted fish and saw the emerald water.


This is a piece of writing based on a folktale: Ivan and the Firebird.

Dark, gloomy shadows cast over the dewy grass as Ivan crept towards the fortress. The chirping songs of the crickets filled his ears along with the slight splashing sounds coming from the serene lake. As he approached the crumbling fortress wall, the smell of smoke from a smouldering girl swept up his nose. The night sky was covered by a shining blanket of stars and a soft breeze tickled the Prince’s neck. Cautiously, he climbed the winding stone steps up to the attic. A mouse and his family stumbled away on the creaky floorboards. Ivan took silent footsteps as he entered the room where the precious bird and cage were kept. Triumphantly, Ivan took the firebird and hid it under his coat. When he turned to leave, he could not help coveting the beautiful cage. He reached out to touch it.

As soon as Ivan touched the cage, drums rolled and trumpets blared as a deafening alarm sounded all through the fortress. He could feel the thumping of the soldiers' feet and hear their bellowing voices shouting orders. The smell of gunpowder took over the air. Ivan ran for his life. He could feel the whistling wind in his ears and a cold shining spear against his back. Guards and guard dogs charged at him. Blinding lights switched on. Ivan pounded the floor as he ran to save his life.

I hope you will celebrate these lovely pieces of writing with us!


Hindu Visitor in Year 3/4

Last week, we were really thrilled to welcome Jyothi into school to talk to us about Hinduism.  It was a brilliant visit and we were all able to deepen our understanding of Hinduism.  Some of the things she discussed were, the importance of Rangoli and how they are created, pilgrimages and specifically Rathayatra, a chariot festival and Kumbh Mela, a pilgrimage to the River Ganges which takes place every 12 years.

Miss Moffat dressed up in a sari and we all were shown how Hindus meditate!  

Pictures to follow shortly.

Young Readers and Barbican Trip - 11th June

On Tuesday 11th June, the Year 3/4 Team are going on a trip! We are visiting Drake's Circus in the morning as part of the Young Readers event and in the afternoon we will be walking to the Barbican and visiting the Visitors' Museum based on our Mayflower 400 topic. For more information, please see the letter here.

Year 4 - Swimming!

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons at the Life Centre during the first three weeks of the summer term. All of the children have said that they have made excellent progress in their swimming ability over the three weeks. From water slides to diving boards, the children conquered their fears and had lots of fun! 


Michael Morpurgo

Our adopted author this term is Michael Morpurgo.  We have read Friend or Foe and are currently reading Kensuke's Kingdom. We have already realised that this author leads us into deep thoughts and discussions.  We have plenty of books by Morpurgo for the children to borrow.  Why not take a look at his webpage to find out more?




Stig of the Dump

This term we are enjoying reading 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King.  This text is inspiring us to write diary entries, letters, persuasive texts and much more.  

Stig of the Dump book cover


Number Day


In Apple class, we began to tackle the Four Triangles Puzzle.  Many children expressed a wish to continue the puzzle at home so here is the link for your enjoyment!

Four Triangles Puzzle 


Spring 2019 - staff update

Welcome back to Year 3/4.  We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and are ready for a busy term ahead! Ms Sammels was married during the Christmas holiday and is now Mrs Simpson!  Congratulations!  We are also joined by Miss Moffat who has replaced Mrs Ford, working in Apple class from Monday- Wednesday each week.  Miss Moffat will be in school for the rest of the week but will be working with other year groups. As a year group we are lucky to have a brilliant team of teaching assistants.  They are: Mrs Dulling, Mrs King, Mrs Walker and Ms Hanna.

Jeremy Strong

Our adopted author this term is Jeremy Strong.  We are currently reading My Brother's Famous Bottom and we have already realised that this author likes to make us laugh!  We have plenty of books by Strong for the children to borrow.  Why not take a look at his webpage to find out more?



Hello and a warm welcome to Apple class! We hope you have enjoyed the lovely summer holidays and are excited to start the new school year with us!  Your class teachers are Mrs Ford and Ms. Sammels and your teaching assistant is Mrs Dulling.  We are excited to be working with the wonderful children in our class and we are working together to ensure they reach their potential, and to celebrate all their successes! Below, you will find information about what we will be teaching during the year in the curriculum overview, coupled with more specific information about learning in this term detailed in the parent leaflet. 

Please scroll down further to see some of the work and exciting activities that we have completed.

To view a copy of the 2018/19 curriculum overview click here.

To view our parent leaflet for the Autumn Term click here .

To view the weekly spelling homework for Autumn Term click here .

To view the weekly spelling homework for Autumn Term 2 click here.

To view the parent leaflet for the Spring Term click here.

To view the weekly spelling list for Spring 1 click here.

To view the weekly spelling list for Spring 2 click here.

To view the weekly spelling list for Summer 1 click here.


To view the parent leaflet for the Summer Term click here.

Class news, children's learning, special events and celebrations will be shared regularly in the space below. We look forward to sharing the children's learning

journeys with you!

Apple Class Greek Afternoon - Friday 9th November 2018

The children dressed up in their Greek costumes ready for an afternoon of Greek activities. First, the children and visitors tried to crack a Greek Coded message and then they had a go at decorating a Greek Vase! 

Next, we went into the hall and attempted some Greek Dancing.



Finally, we headed on down to the hall so that the children could sample the delicious Greek food made by all three Year 3/4 classes at Lipson Cooperative Academy! See below for further information on that!

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all of the wonderful parents, carers and family members who came to share our afternoon. 


Last Week we had and amazing experience cooking at Lipson Cooperative Academy. 

Linked to our topic on Ancient Greece, the children enthusiastically prepared three dishes for our Greek afternoon which took place on Friday 9th November 2018. 

The children worked well in small groups and they each had their own cooking station. They were hands-on right from the start and enjoyed making the dishes. Apple class made Tzatziki dip (a cucumber and yogurt dip), Hummus and Greek Flat Bread. All of the children's dishes were successful and they were proud to share them with the other classes and our visitors during the Greek afternoon.  Well done Apple Class!

We would like to say a massive Thank You to Lipson Cooperative Academy for hosting us teaching us how to cook!  

Click here to view our cooking photos!


Last week, we had an amazing visit from Clive Pig.  

Following our exciting morning with Clive, we wrote some thank you letters to him, stating our favourite parts of the performance and asking him some questions about his experiences as a storyteller.

Click on the links below to read some examples of our letters.


  Letter from Constance     Letter from Darci-Rose    Letter form Ellie H


  Letter from Erin     Letter from Karson   Letter from Maisie      Letter from Willow


 Click HERE to read Clive's reply!


Year 2017-2018


Curriculum Overview - Please click here for our long term Curriculum Overview.

We have lots of fun learning opportunities planned for the Spring Term.  Take a look at what you can do at home to celebrate France!  

Spring Term - Click here for our parent leaflet. 

Summer Term - Click here for our parent leaflet.

 Writing Corner June and July

The Penalty By Naomi Year 4

Nervous and afraid, I stepped on the pitch. I froze like a statue as the noise grew louder. I got hotter and hotter. Sweat was coming from my hair to my face like a river. My heart was pounding as fast as a cheetah could run.

The noise coming from the corner was ear deafening, shouting. I could hear the crowds calling my name to win. Around the stadium everyone was chanting nonstop. They were chanting , jeering and people were crying. It was really loud.

Flags caught the corner of my eye because they were very bright. All around the stadium there were thousands of people taking pictures. The light was blinding. The flashes were shining as bright as scintillating stars. I was brave like a lion, standing tall.

That was it,  I stared at the goalkeeper, he stared at me. Would I score or would I miss?


The Penalty by Libbey Year 4

Feeling shakey, I edged towards my spot.  My heart was pounding ad goosebumps were creeping up my spine.  I was petrified.  What were my fans going to think if I missed?

Sweat was prefousely running down my back.  People were chanting my name and cheering me on.  Was I going to make it?  Who knows.  I had to be quick because the crowd was now getting louder and louder.  Then others were booing continuously.

Looking around for the first time, I knew it was going to be hard.  I could see hundreds and thousands of people.  Half supporting me and my team, others supporting the other team  I saw the goalie ready to pounce any minute now.  The time ws about to come.  Just then, the whistle was blown.  I booted the ball as hard as I could towards the goal.  I had...

Flotsam by Xander Year 4


Flotsam is an astonishing book about a curious boy who finds a camera in the sea. After he picks it up he shows it to his parents and then develops the pictures. There are many different and beautiful places that have been visited by the camera, which have been shared by many joyful children from around the world.

Here is my description of the underwater world:


As the whale flicked me from it’s monstrous tail I started to fall through the water.

Floating down into the deep blue waters, I quickly reached the soft floor of the sea bed.

Looking around, I saw a stingy, appealing plankton chilling out by the sea bed.

In the serene waters, I saw the iridescent , neon coral reef blowing like the breeze.

Excitedly, I saw majestic, blood red octopi calmly floating along minding their own business in the scintillating, magical sea.

Inside my surroundings, I saw a whole shoal enclosing there home like a guard encircling an astonishing palace.

In the distance, I could see the palace getting closer to my shimmering body.

Becoming more eerie, I could sense negative thoughts coming towards me.


Celebrating our Writing - May 2018

The children have enjoyed writing their own stories inspired by a short animated clip entitled 'The Lighthouse'  from the Literacy shed.

Click here to watch the clip before reading a few of our fantastic stories.



The Lighthouse

by Cameron (Year 4)

It was a dark, gloomy night and the lighthouse lit up the sky.  There was electrifying thunder and heavy rain hammering on the ground and huge waves crashing onto the rocks.  The storm was raging with lightning accompanying it.

The lighthouse was silent except from the creaking of the floorboards.  The old, grumpy lighthouse keeper was writing while he heard the people from the pub shouting.  Then, he slammed the window shut.

Suddenly the lighthouse’s light went out!  The window opened and there was the sound of metal clanking and an unusual bang.  The lighthouse keeper was still grumpy and a bit scared. (Actually petrified by the look on his face). 

He stood up and started walking towards the door and then...he fell over.  It was silent except from water droplets dripping from the concrete roof. He was startled.  Then, he started walking up the stairs. About an hour later, he finally made it to the top. Whilst he was walking up he could sense something was wrong.

He looked inside the glass sphere where the light was supposed to be.  He picked up the glass sphere and walked backwards tripping over the old, rusty toolbox. The glass sphere had smashed…

The lighthouse keeper was shocked.  What had he done? He heard a boat coming on the rocks.  He sat down thinking what he should do. His main concern was the boat crashing on the sharp rocks.  His face was very worried. Five minutes later, he got up and ran downstairs. He opened the dark oak door and when he looked up…

The whole village was outside holding lamps.  The lined up all around the lighthouse and at the last second the boat turned away. Disaster averted, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The lighthouse keeper was so grateful that he hosted a massive party at the lighthouse.  The lighthouse keeper had to pay someone £100 to repair the light. Luckily he had just enough to do it.


The Lighthouse

by Darci-Rose (Year 3)

It was a dark, stormy night and the night sky was lit by a yellow dim light.  It came from the tall, towering lighthouse in the distance.

The storm was getting louder and the waves were getting bigger, you could hear them crashing noisily against the jagged rocks on the cliffs.  The thunder and lightning lit up the sky along with a loud noise as loud as a tigers’ roar.

Inside the lighthouse the old floorboards and creaky stairs were squeaking and creaking along with howling gushes of wind coming in from the slamming windows.  It was dimly lit giving it a scary atmosphere.

The grumpy lighthouse keeper was sleepily groaning and moaning to himself and he could hear the distant cheer of a party at a local pub floating in from the window as he was finishing his work.  He was sitting at his desk writing his papers by candlelight. He could hear the laughing and cheering from the nearby pub again and slammed the window shut.

Suddenly he heard a big bang and the window blew open.  The noise was ear deafening, it sounded like metal pieces clashing against each other.  The candle light went out. The keeper got up from his chair and rain up the creaky stairs.

When he entered the room he took his lantern and looked around. He couldn’t find anything so he ran up to a different room.  In the next room was the light for the lighthouse. The grumpy keeper looked inside the light. He suddenly heard a loud horn going off.  He took the light off the stand but then tripped over the toolkit box. The light fell and shattered into tiny pieces.

The lighthouse keeper was speechless.  He did not know what to do. He sulked on the floor and began thinking what to do.  Suddenly bright yellow lights shone through the window.

With no time to spare, the keeper skidded down the stairs in his slippers and opened the front door.  What he saw shocked him. The villagers had come to help him. They all stood on the cliff and in the room until the ship turned away. They stayed the whole night until the engineer came in the morning.


The Lighthouse

by Connie (Year 3)

It was a dark, gloomy, thundery night.  There was a light in the distance. The waves were crashing and the rocks were sharp and jagged.  Then the thunder banged!

In the lighthouse it was dark and gloomy because it had dark, damp walls with bats living in it.  It was like your worst nightmare. The lighthouse keeper was grumpy he was finishing his writing he heard a noise drifting in coming from a party.  He said, “I wish those people would leave me in peace.”

Suddenly, there was a cracking screeching noise then the lighthouse’s light went out.  He stood up and stumbled over. He lit a match to see and he was petrified. As he went upstairs he ran and saw that the cranks weren’t spinning but as he picked it up he stumbled over the toolbox and broke the light completely.  Then he heard a boat coming.

He was panting really really hard. He was lost in despair, hopeless even. He ran down the stairs just to see people coming from every direction with lanterns coming to help.

Finally the boat was there.  Everyone was holding a lantern to help.  The boat turned away and everyone was joyful.


Monet Paintings

Apple, Oak and Maple have been enjoying recreating one of Monet’s famous paintings.  The title of their painting is ‘Haystacks’. The children dabbed paint on to their picture, building it up in layers to create the feeling of movement.


Haystacks is a title of a series of impressionist paintings by Claude Monet.  The primary subjects of all of the paintings in the series are stacks of hay in the field after the harvest season.  The series is known for its thematic use of repetition to show differences in perception of light across various times of day, seasons and types of weather.  The subjects were painted in fields near Monet’s home in Giverny, France.


Click here to see our paintings in progress.





Week Beginning 12th March 2018 - Forest School and French Cooking!

Oh my goodness, what an exciting and very busy week!

Wednesday morning - Forest School

Despite the wet and windy weather, Apple class were undeterred in making the most of the situation, and set about making shelters from the tarpaulins and ropes provided. It was tricky at times, keeping hold of the tarpaulins in the wind, but the children persevered and were able to make group shelters! Next, Mr. Blake threw a large rope over a suitably strong tree branch to create a swing. The children had great fun jumping on and swinging away! Finally, the kettle had boiled and some very keen helpers made some hot chocolate for the children to enjoy! Sekoni had a steady hand for pouring the milk, while Keane was in charge of stirring, using a carved out wooden stick as a spoon!  The children had a great time, despite being covered in mud!

Thanks to Mr. Blake and Mrs. Dulling for supporting us! We can't wait to visit again next week!

Click here to see the photo gallery!


Wednesday Afternoon - French Cooking at Lipson Community College

As if our morning wasn't exciting enough, during the afternoon we visited Lipson Community College to do some French cooking! This was a Design and Technology project linked with our French and Geography topic on France this term.  The children made two dishes - Clafoutis a pudding with fruit in batter and an easy version of Macaroons. The children all made their dishes successfully and I am waiting to here what the children thought about them. They certainly looked delicious! A big thank you to Lipson Community College for hosting and teaching our children. 

Click here to see our photo gallery!


Mosaics in Apple class

Following our topic work on the Romans, the children enjoyed taking part in a mosaic art workshop with Jane Stevens.  The children used small, square ceramic tiles to stick on to their chosen shaped tile.  The children were amazed by their achievements and thoroughly enjoyed their morning workshop.  It was great to see how creative the children could be and for them to have a sense of ownership over their artwork.  

Click here to see the amazing mosaics! 


Bootcamp in Apple Class

We have been learning new moves in PE and performing them with technique and balance.  The last couple of PE sessions have been quite challenging, with the children learning spotty dogs, burpees, tricep dips, bench star jumps, skipping, running squats and the plank!  We have been monitoring our heart rate before and after exercise and have been trying hard to improve our fitness levels. We have been scoring ourselves at each station and will aim to improve on these in the next few weeks.  Well done everyone!  


Click here to see our photos!