Laira Green Primary


We value the importance of attendance as we know that every minute is a learning minute and we don't want our children to miss any! The Department for Education (2022) reminds parents of their legal duty to ensure that, 'their child must attend every day that the school is open, except in a small number of allowable circumstances such as being too ill to attend'.

The whole school staff are dedicated to supporting attendance. Our Attendance team is led by Mrs Debbie Mitch (School Business Manager) and Mrs Jan Frost (Pastoral Support Advisor) who are always available for advice and guidance, as are all office staff and class teachers.

Half termly certificates are just one way that we try to encourage and celebrate good attendance. When discussing it in assemblies etc we always point out that those who are here regularly reap their own rewards in not missing any learning minutes. We also point out that there will be occasions when you just can't be at school - that's one of the reasons we do the certificates each short term, as then it is achievable and most children will receive at least one within the year (hopefully more). 


Please do bear these important facts in mind, if you are considering any time out of school.

School Attendance Policy