Laira Green Primary

Children's Roles and Responsibilities

At Laira Green we often take on responsibilities, especially when we are in Year 6, which is the oldest year group at primary school

2019- 2020    

Head Boy: Korey

Head Girl: Ellie



Prefects and Librarians 


These children have volunteered to take on these responsibilities and are great ambassadors for our school. they hold open the doors for younger children by the stairs, sort out returned books and organise our library, show around visitors, deliver registers, collect up and total the house points every week, encourage sportsmanship and sporting achievement, demonstrate how to wear school uniform and show respect for others.

Cassie    Tegan      Wanda      Dylan      Keane      Karson      Niomi      James

Erin        Tzietel      Olivia        Mina       Amber      Darci         Libbey     Naomi

Abdur      Hajra      Amelia      Ruby       Jayden



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