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Welcome to Foundation! 

Firstly, welcome to Ladybirds class page and to Laira Green Primary School. 

Our main ethos is to plan our curriculum with the interests of the children in mind, we refer to this as 'objective led-planning'. This simply means that we outline the objectives over the year and teach them to the interests of the children. We believe that we can achieve a high level of engagement, learning outcomes and  growth mind-set towards learning through adapting our styles of teaching to suit your child’s interests and passions. 

The activities are planned and designed carefully to enhance learning opportunities to support learning and aim to get the very best from each child. At times adult directed learning takes place in order to allow children to develop the broad range of skills they need. Learning takes place indoors and outdoors across each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This year we have chosen to use Tapestry, an online learning journey, to record, observe and assess the children's learning and progress. 

The Foundation team: 

Teachers: Mrs C Taylor & Mrs A Hughes

Learning support staff: Miss L Bickford & Miss L Johnson 

Any questions or concerns please speak to a  member of the Foundation team, we will be happy to help, the best time to catch us is at the end of the school day. 

Foundation stage curriculum overview 

Please find our Autumn term (2018) Curriculum letter here 

Please find our Spring term (2019) Curriculum letter here 

Please find our Summer term (2019) Curriculum letter here 

Ladybirds Class of 2018/19 

 Welcome to Laira Green 


Soapbox Theatre 

This week we have started our new topic 'Fairytales', as a result we have been doing lots of learning around Jack and the Beanstalk. On Wednesday 20th June Ladybirds we lucky enough to join KS1 on a trip to the Theatre! At the theatre we were treated to a wonderful, immersive and funny version of Jack and the Beanstalk. What a wonderful trip and a huge thank you to everyone at the Soapbox Theatre in Devonport. 


Visit from the Police 

Today, Ladybirds had the pleasure of a visit from PC Debbie and PC Sharon to support our learning for our new topic, 'People Who Help Us'. We had lots of questions for them and they gave us all the answers we needed. We talked about how the police help us and others in the community. We found out they help to look after lonely people, help us if we are lost and make sure we stay safe at school by making sure we don't park too close in our cars and that we get to school safely. PC Debbie said as a 'treat' for Miss B's birthday, she could wear the handcuffs!!

It was a lovely morning and we even had the opportunity to try on the police uniform. It was lots of fun and we all looked very grown up in our police clothes. 

Thank you so much to PC Debbie and PC Sharon for coming to visit us! 


Ladybirds have been learning to do some Yoga using the 'Cosmic kids' that can be found on YouTube. The children really enjoy following the story and doing all of the stretches. Well done everyone! 


Tweet, Tweet 

For the last two weeks Ladybirds have been extremely lucky to have the chance to look after some eggs and to see them hatch into chicks! Monday 4th March our 6 eggs arrived, and oh were we excited! We talked about the incubator, how to look after the eggs and the excitement of being able to smooth the chicks when they were born. Ladybirds have been wonderfully caring toward the eggs and have taken to walking around very quietly and checking on the eggs regularly. Monday 11th of March - Our first egg hatched at 8:30pm! What excitement, the children would have a chick to see and then, at 7:20am chick number two was born! Later that day, Ladybirds were sat down doing the register when chick number 3 burst out of his egg! 

Wednesday 13th March - We are the proud parents of 5 healthy chicks! 



world book day

We had a fantastic World Book Day, so many wonderful stories were shared. Thank you to all the effort that went into the day, especially to parents for coming in and sharing some stories with us. We hope it inspired the children to pick up a book and enjoy reading! 

Aquarium Visit 

Ladybirds had a special visitor this week, Joe from the Aquarium came to talk to use about different marine animals along with some wonderful objects that we could look at and hold! We learnt about different objects being alive, dead or never alive. We weighed the jaws of a Zebra shark and measured the nose of Sawfish! We also learnt about food chains and what different marine animals eat. 



Chinese new year. 'Gong hei fat choy'

For the past two weeks the children have been learning all about dragons and Chinese new year. Here are a few photos of what we have been up to: 


















Pyjama party!! 

Throughout the week we have been writing instructions on how to have a pyjama party and Friday afternoon we brought our favourite teddy in for a little afternoon pyjama party. We cuddled up to our teddy and enjoyed a story with some lovely snacks and a hot chocolate! 





Today we welcomed Heather into Ladybirds for our dental talk.  She told us a story about Geoffrey the giant, who was eating sweets as treats.  One day, Geoffrey was very sad and he didn't want to laugh and sing or play with the children.  Giant tears rolled down his face and started flooding the garden! Geoffrey's tooth hurt, so his friends took him to the dentist.  The dentist found a small hole in his tooth and gave him a filling. He learnt how he must eat the correct foods to help keep his teeth healthy.  We helped Geoffrey understand what he should and shouldn't eat and drink and Kayla suggested he should eat vegetables and fruit.  We all thought this was very good advice and we also helped Geoffrey understand that he needs to brush his teeth twice a day, once in the morning and last thing before bed.  Ava advised Geoffrey he needs to brush his tongue to keep his mouth and teeth healthy too!  

We will be welcoming Heather back into school in two weeks time when she will be painting fluoride varnish onto teeth to help protect them.  Thank you for visiting us Heather.

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. We have started this year with a winter theme in our role play and currently have a 'cafe in the mountains' for the children to enjoy.  The children are enjoying learning about coins and paying for items in the cafe, whilst outside the children are digging for coins in the sandpit and we even have some 'snow' to make a mountain scene with the small world play!




Christmas party

What a lot of fun Christmas activities we have been having.  After a wonderful production of Lights, Camel, Action we are still feeling very festive as we celebrate with our Christmas lunch and party afternoon.  Here we all are ready to enjoy our Christmas party!  

Christmas Lunch

Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas lunch so special. We enjoyed the crackers, music, our friends and most of all the delicious food!  




Maths Learning

The children have been working so hard in their maths learning over the term and have really enjoyed our Jolly Postman theme this week.  The children posted their own letters and generated number sentences.  Super learning everyone!






Alien Invasion! 

This week the aliens invaded our classroom and left a mess everywhere! We really enjoyed writing labels for the aliens to explain the Earth names for objects in our classrooms. 


Odd Socks Day 12/11/18 

Here are all our wonderful odd socks! ]

Pumpkin counting in our new outside area! 



W/C 01/10/18

This week we had some Engineers who made some fantastic space rockets! Well done to everyone who took part!! You are all out of this world :) 

NO PENS DAY - We had a fantastic day putting our pens and pencils down for 'No pens day'. There were lots of opportunities for us to get creative and to practise our talking/ask lots of questions. Our favourite part of the day was our story 'The day the crayons quit.' 

This week we have been using our knowledge of sounds to segment and blend words. The children have been working extremely hard! 


Here are some of the fantastic models that we made for our Talkbox! Great job everyone! 

W/C 17/09/18 

We have started our Read Write Inc lessons. During these lessons we learn our letter sounds and practise our handwriting. We have been working extremely hard, well done everyone! 

Parents: Here is a useful video to support helping your child at home, to learn their letter sounds. 










Ladybirds Class of 2017/18

RE Day 

Today, 7th June, Ladybirds had a special visitor from Stuart Dann. He came in to tell us all about his favourite Bible story. Our learning objective for RE day was to look into 'Why do people tell stories about Jesus?' 

We loved every minute of this story and it was especially fun when Stuart asked some of us to get involved and to act a few of the characters. A massive thank you to Stuart for coming in and telling such a wonderful story. 



God save the Queen!


Visit from a nurse! 

On Tuesday 15th May Foundation class were very lucky to have Grace come and visit us to talk about her job and how she looks after people. We also had a wonderful insight into how we can help our family and friends at home when they are ill, by using the 5 super powers of 'making someone feel better'. The super powers are: Empathy, touch, distraction, medicine (only given by an adult), Listening and comfort. Grace told us how these super powers are what she uses as a children's nurse and that we can use some of them too! At the end of Grace's visit she also told us how to look after ourselves and how to stop spreading germs. Such as the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' idea behind coughing, sneezing and blowing our noses. The main thing we learnt about stopping germs is to WASH our HANDS!! 

A MASSIVE thank you to Grace from Ladybirds! 


Ladybirds' Forest School

After a few short showers in the morning before they left, Ladybirds class (led by Mrs Gallagher) were eventually blessed by a warm morning in the woods. With the appropriate clothing donned and the children loaded up with ropes and tarpaulins we set off with a spring in our step. At the top of the hill the children had the opportunity to observe some signs of spring and saw some young hazel buds and leaves; comparing them in size and shape to those of the sycamore tree.

Upon arrival at the valley we spoke about being responsible citizens and how we should work together to collectively look after our local green spaces. The motto of ‘Leave no trace’ was explained to the children and during the session several items of rubbish were collected and, as ever, we left the valley looking better and cleaner than when we arrived

Ladybirds class were given the chance to explore the valley and soon practiced the “1,2,3 Can you see me?”, call and response that helps the children to be aware if they can see an adult and an adult can see them. They responded really well to this and, with the adults spread out well, the children were able to explore a great deal and really get their hands dirty, literally! 

One of the best things about Forest School is the way it lends itself to child initiated experiences. Before too long some of the children had tried to use a low tree branch to help them scale a muddy slope. A couple of children had the idea to use a rope to help them climb said slope and soon this was one of the most popular activities of the morning! Miss Bickford had to tie lots of ropes up so lots of children could have a go!

A rope swing also went up as the children enjoyed this when they visited the woods on the allotment site. In the valley the could swing higher and faster and they loved every minute of it! Thanks for helping with the pushing, Miss Easter!

Other activities the children had the opportunity to try were den building and using the slack line to balance on. Some even tried this with only one hand supported instead of two, very brave! The class also managed to find time to have a quick drink and a snack amongst their busy morning, they deserved the break and the energy boost!

Overall it was a really fun first morning in the woods for these children. They all returned to school muddy and tired but happy! I look forward to them returning in Year 1.


Mr Blake




























Paramedic visit!

Foundation were incredibly lucky this week to have been visited by a real paramedic named Roxanne, who came in to talk to us as she found out we are learning about 'people who help us'. We had so much fun learning with our visitor, who began by demonstrating the recovery position with Emelia and allowed us to try on a partner. Roxanne also brought in all sorts of equipment for us to explore such as a safety helmet, a thermometer, a stethoscope and tonnes of bandages! We had enough bandages to have one each and I'm sure you can imagine the fun we had with them! From legs, to tummies, to arms, to heads - you name it, we had it covered (literally!) We learnt lots of interesting facts such as - paramedics give initial first aid to casualties but they then take them to hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses, paramedics wear safety helmets if they have to attend the scene of a car crash, paramedics drive ambulances which have lots of equipment inside but they are thinking about introducing bicycles too! Our visitor really taught us a lot about our topic 'people who help us'. Thank you so much to Roxanne and to Miss Bickford for organising it. 






Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful Easter. 

Please find our Summer Term Curriculum letter here.


British science week 

Foundation have kicked off our science week with a very exciting bug hunt! We are the animal saviours this week and we will be looking closely at the animals we find in our local environment, how we can look after these animals and how to make a bug hotel! 

Head to the 'bug hunt' gallery to see what we got up to! 



Foundation have been lucky enough to host our chicken eggs, we are currently watching them to see if they hatch. If you would like to look at the eggs at home you can search for 'Laira Green live' on youtube to see a live feed of our incubator.