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MAPLE CLASS 2021/22  

YEAR 3 and 4 



Welcome back! It has been so long since we had our whole class in school - we are so happy to see everyone’s smiling faces back in class! 

Mr Jane is the class teacher for Maple class. Learning in class is supported by our wonderful teaching assistant Ms Bailes. 

Keep an eye on the “Check out our learning” section for updates on your children and all their activities and lots of photos.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning with our new class. We are continuing to support the learning in class using the five Building Learning Powers. The five Building Learning Powers are to be resourceful (busy bee), reflective (wise owl), resilient (tough tortoise), have good relationships (team ant) and be respectful to each other - linking to our school motto: Respect, Believe, Achieve!

Most importantly, please encourage your child to read their reading book every evening. In fact, they should be reading anything and everything that interests them or catches their attention. Please remember that children need to bring their reading book into school everyday. 

If you would like to speak to me about your child’s learning please use class dojo to message me, or email me directly. You can also speak to the office to book an appointment with me if necessary.

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