Laira Green Primary

SATs and School Data

SATs Information

Statutory Assessment Tests take place in all Primary Schools during May and the results are published to parents and the public later in the year.

  • End of Key Stage 1 (at age 7) in Year Two.
  • End of Key Stage 2 (at age 11) in Year Six.


What should my child achieve?

  • A “typical”  7 or 11 year old is expected to achieve age expectations within the National Curriculum standards.
  • Some children will achieve below age expectations.
  • While others will be working at greater depth within their age expectations
  • A few may be working at a pre-keystage level.


How are children assessed?

There are two sorts of assessments:

  • Teacher Assessments
  • SATs tests


What does teacher assessment involve and how different is it from testing?

  • Teacher assessments draw together everything the teachers know about a child, including their performance within daily lessons, ongoing observations, marked learning and school summative assessments.
  • Teacher assessment is not a ‘snapshot’ like tests, and is therefore more reliable.
  • Due to the above, there can be a difference between teacher assessment results and test levels.

Teacher assessments will be made in the following subject areas:

  • EnglishReading and Writing
  • Maths 
  • Science


What are KS1 Tests like?

The tests are kept very relaxed and we do not refer to them as tests but as ‘quizzes’ so the children relate them to something fun, as we often have quizzes in class. We present the tests to the children in such a way that they seem like normal Maths or English lessons, so that the children remain calm and perform at their best. The tests are carried out in small groups with their class teacher either in the classroom or a familiar room in the school.


What do the tests look like?

The Reading, Maths and combined Grammar and Punctuation tests take the form of question and answer booklets. The spelling test consists of twenty spellings which the children will have practised throughout the year.

Ms Bishop, Mr Roe or Mr Jane will be happy to answer any furtherquestions you may have.


When do KS2 tests happen?

  • In 2019, the test dates will be from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th May.
  • It is a busy week!
  • Please avoid taking your child out of school during this time, and in the weeks leading up to the tests.


What do tests involve?

There are two tests for English:

  • Reading.
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPaG).
  • The reading test has one paper, and the SPaG test has two papers.