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Laira Green Primary


Mr Jane runs a gardening club on a Tuesday from 1500-1600.

The club is open for children from KS2 (Y3-6)

We are developing the school allotment into a new learning environment and helping children build the life-long skills of working with tools, teamwork and respect for the environment. 

Please ask at the office for a letter if your child would like to join.


Skills learnt:

  • teamwork
  • tool safety
  • preparing soil
  • weeding
  • planting and sowing
  • understanding and knowledge of plants and wildlife
  • microhabitats

Week 4

Today we planted strawberry plants that were kindly donated to the group. We also had to keep on top of the watering as the temperature heats up. 



Week 3

This week we have been actively watering our plants in the late spring heat - hoping that they will survive the weekend! We have also sown pea, radish and lettuce seeds in our second bed. 



Week 2

This week we cleared one bed of all weeds and planted the raspberry plants that Mr Jane donated from his garden. 


Week 1

We have begun weeding the first two beds at the top of the allotment in preparation for some new fruit and veg plants. The allotment was very over-grown - but we enjoy a challenge!