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Laira Green Primary School

Cherry's Manor Court Visit

Cherry Class went up to see the residents of Manor Court last Friday.

We walked up the hundred steps, along past High View School and past the shops. We turned right and we were there. The residents were sitting in comfortable chairs, having a chat or a nap or talking with visitors.

The children from Cherry class took their topic books and their art books to show the residents what they had been working on. It can be difficult to chat to someone you have just met but the Cherries were amazing and kind and thoughtful. They showed their work and chatted to the residents about what they had been learning at school.

Our children then sang two songs: We’re the Victorians and Roar by Katy Perry. They got lots of applause and smiles!!

The children from Cherry Class, Laira Green were a credit to the school. We intend to go to Manor Court again very soon!