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Laira Green Primary School


Cherries Poppies for newsletter

Cherry class visited the war memorial on Plymouth Hoe to look at the poppies.

Here are some of their views on what they saw:

We use poppies for Remembrance because poppies were the first plants to grow on the battlefield and are really strong flowers to represent the people who have died. Armistice day is commemorated on the 11 of November at 11 a.m.
Cody C

The artificial poppies were there to commemerate the lives of people who gave their lives so we could be free & would have a happy life. There were at least 13,000 poppies at the Hoe. Every year poppies go on sale so they can raise some money for people in the family of the soldiers.
Jack H

We wear poppies because they were the first plant to grow on the demolished battlefield; the black represents the mourning of our loved ones and the red represents the the blood spilled on the battlefield.

The wars were for our freedom to save our country and It is crucial to respect those who fell in the battles.

Dylan F