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If you are feeling overwhelmed give Ms Frost an email.

Mobile: 07398114387 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri

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Pastoral Support at Laira Green Primary School



                                                             Ms J Frost

What is Pastoral Support?

Families come in all shapes and sizes...

so do children!

Being a parent is amazing and probably one of the most fulfilling

things that we will do. It can however be incredibly challenging 

and sometimes we need a little help, support and advice..... 


I am here to offer support and advice as your child progresses through our school and beyond.

Mrs Jan Frost: 660427 or by email


PSA Update

Over the last 18 months I have had the pleasure of supporting children and their families. This has been from something as small as a cup of tea and a chat, to being able to support with more complex matters.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, the door is always open!!


Young carers day.

On Thursday 14th June we went to Saltram with Young Carers from other schools. The activity for the day was to design and paint pebbles, then to hide them around Saltram ready for members of the public to find. We were hoping that people would remove them from Saltram and hide them somewhere else, maybe another part of the country!!!

 After we had finished this we had our lunch and then walked around looking for places to put our pebbles, lots of places were found, some of them were very random….these pebbles are still probably waiting to be found!!!

 A short time in the park and an ice-cream finished off a fantastic day.