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Welcome to Science at Laira Green!

Science is a brilliant subject for learning about the world, asking interesting questions and finding out how things work. We encourage the development of broad scientific knowledge and vocabulary across a range of topics, covering elements of biology, chemistry and physics. Science provides numerous brilliant opportunities for children to get stuck into practical experiments and discover new learning for themselves, whilst improving our ability to work scientifically. The sense of awe and wonder surrounding science helps to build the foundations of an inquisitive mind, actively encouraging the constant questions of 'Why?'. 


We hope that you enjoy finding out about our science learning that has been happening throughout the year. 

World Space Week 2019


 British Science Week!

What a fantastic week it has been! There have been visitors, experiments and observations happening throughout the week and some brilliant themed learning around looking after our planet. Have a look at what we have been learning about. 

The Great Biology Bake Off

On Wednesday 10th October, Mrs. King and a group of year 5s were invited to attend the Great Biology Bake Off. After a great review from last year's team, this year's team were keen to go and demonstrate their science and baking skills! In the morning, the team learnt about digestion and taste buds before sharing their learning in cake-form in the afternoon! Well done Year 5s!


World Space Week 2018


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined in with our World Space Week competition by designing a space craft or rocket. We had over 50 entries! It was great to see lots of teamwork, celebrating the WSW 2018 theme, 'Space Unites the World'. Judging was incredibly difficult as there were many amazing entries but here are some of our fantastic category winners!


Cardboard Boat Race

On Saturday 15th September, three intrepid adventurers took part in a fantastic first for Laira Green Primary School. Following a workshop in Hazel Class last year by a visitor called Juliette from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a cardboard boat was entered into a race against other schools in theI wou waters of the Barbican! 

The children must have made a pretty sturdy construction because they managed to get along the course without sinking, well done boys! Kieran and William paddled valiantly whilst being ably supported by Rory on shore and although they finished with the slowest time of all the boats that finished (some did sink!), they went away with the prize for showing the most perseverance of all the teams. Great Tough Tortoise attitude on show! 

Everyone present was extremely proud of their efforts staff and parents alike! Well done! 

Please see the photos and videos below to see how they got on.














Science open evening

We are having a science open evening for all friends and family to come along and try out some of the activities that we have been learning about in British Science Week. There will be lots to try and instructions to take away to try things at home too! Please come along and join us from 3-4 pm on Friday 16th March 2018. 


British Science Week

British Science Week is here!

Today we launched our British Science Week 2018 with a fantastic assembly from the National Marine Aquarium. We learnt all about sea creatures that use slime as a superpower. Thank you to the brilliant volunteers who played the roles of a hagfish, limpets and parrot fish and helped to demonstrate how the superpowers work. 


We learnt a lot from our assembly, for example, did you  know that a parrot fish covers itself in slime to protect it whilst it is sleeping and then eats the slime when it wakes up? 

What a great start to science week! We look forward to the rest of the activities ahead for next week. 

World Space Week

During World Space Week, all year groups worked together to learn more about our Solar System and beyond. Each year group researched a planet before sharing our learning together in assembly.  Please have a look at all of our fantastic learning!

Science Policy

If you would like to see an overview of science teaching in our school, please access our Science Policy document, available here